Law of Attraction (LOA) and Good Vibrations

What is the Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction is a principle which states that like attracts like.

The theory is that everything in the universe is vibrating, that all matter is composed of atoms which are not fixed in one spot but which are in constant motion. This motion causes everything to vibrate like ripples in a pond or waves in the ocean.

The universe and everything in it is like a bunch of tuning forks that pick up on the vibrational frequency of other objects that are vibrating at the same frequency. These matched frequencies attract to one another.

The Law of Attraction goes on to state that people also have vibrational frequencies. People can be emitting good vibrations or bad vibrations, good vibes or bad vibes and thereby attract good or bad things and circumstances into their lives. We all do this with our thoughts, emotions and actions.

It all starts with our thoughts. When we think positive thoughts, we have positive emotions. Those emotions motivate us to take positive actions. So you see there is a direct correlation between what we think and what we do. These actions then have a direct impact on our environment which can be perceived by the senses. The senses produce feelings in ourselves and others which create emotions and then thoughts and the cycle begins again.

This is what we mean when we say, “we are on a roll”. We take a positive action, it produces a positive result, we feel good about it. We then have positive emotions, think more good thoughts and then make more positive stuff happen. The law of attraction also works the other way around too. We worry about something bad happening. We use too much energy in thinking about what could go wrong that we don’t think of the right things that could prevent something bad from happening and then we feel bad and either don’t take any action or do something that makes things worse because we have a bad attitude. Has this ever happened to you?

While we can’t stop every bad thing from ever happening to us, we can control how we think about what does happen so that we can find the positive in any situation, change our thinking, emotions and actions. Before we know it things are back on the right track, or positive frequency. The universe doesn’t judge what is good or bad. We do. If you focus on the positive things you want, have positive emotions, and take positive action then you will be sending out positive vibrations and that is what you will be attracting back more of into your life.

It is not just about thinking positive. It’s about focusing on the positive, having positive feelings and emotions and then taking positive action to create the life of your dreams.

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